Uneven Gum Line

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Uneven Gum Line

When there is an uneven tooth arrangement in the jaw or non-symmetrical tooth growth or slanted jaw bone, an uneven gum line occurs and teeth appear to have different lengths and most often are not centered correctly when smiling.  It results in an uneven smile.  To produce and achieve an esthetic gum line, orthodontics, periodontal and or restorative procedures may be needed to accomplish facial dental harmony and a beautiful healthy smile. It all starts first working on your uneven gum line.

In our office, a complete smile analysis with full facial assessment is done.  We work closely with our skilled specialists to achieve a beautiful smile.

For cases where restorative solutions can improve the final result we offer a lot of conservative and noninvasive solutions to achieve a more harmonious smile.

Uneven Gum line Solutions

Services offered depending on the case:

  1. Restorative
    • Hollywood gums
    • Gingival masks
    • Pink composite
    • Partial or full reconstruction CETMR (Conservative and Esthetic Total Mouth Reconstruction)
  2. Orthodontics
    • Minor: Essix
  3. Advanced by specialist
    • ALF
    • Invisalign
    • Hidden braces
    • Lingual braces
    • Invisalign braces
    • Clear braces
  4. Oral Surgeon by specialist
    • Maxillofacial Surgery
  5. Periodontal by specialist
    • Gum plastic surgery
    • Grafting
    • Crown lengthening

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