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Smile Makeover Procedure & Steps


There are many procedures we offer for smile makeover.  Our philosophy is to use the lease invasive most conservative, most esthetic, longest lasting, and most predictable combination of procedure to achieve the million dollar knock out smile you desire.

  1. Esthetic Recontouring
  2. Bleaching:   check our Bleach Menu
  3. Post bleaching kits
  4. Gum reconstruction
  5. Esthetic Bonding: check our Bonding Menu
  6. Veneers: check our Veneer Menu
  7. Removable Solutions
    • SNAP-ON Veneer
    • Clip on veneer
    • “Hollywood bridge”
    • Party bridge
  8. Crowns: check our Crown Menu
  9. Implants
  10. Prosthetics
    • Removable
    • Implant supported
    • Tooth supported
    • combination
  11. Orthodontic by specialist
    • Leveling
    • Centering
    • Aligning
    • Bite correction (overcrowding, crossibte)
  12. Maxillofacial by specialist
    • Skeletal Corrections
      • Underbite
      • Overbite
      • Open bite
    • Facial implants, chin, jaw, cross bite, overcrowded bite
    • Sinus lift
  13. Plastic surgery by specialist
    1. Corrective surgery
    2. Corrective cosmetic injectables.
  14. Make up artistry by beautician
  15. Skin care products
  16. Facial exercise-(controversial)
  17. Holistic approach to balancing and toning.
  18. Herbal medicine
  19. Speech therapy

Smile Makeover Procedure Preparation Step

Based on the accepted preliminary smile, if it is decided to use veneers, bonding or crowns, we use indeces or mock ups, to prepare the teeth extremely cautiously and minimally.  Our goal is do as little of a preparation as possible to preserve your tooth structure.  This exacting attitude and paying attention to detail is what sets our practice apart.  We truly care about how much we can preserve your original tooth structure. The stronger the foundation of the veneer the longer they will last.  We have a Veneer Menu, bonding menu, and crown menu.  Dr. Toubia chooses the right type of restoration to make sure he not only creates beautiful restorations for you but also achieve a conservative tooth preparation a long-lasting restoration.

Each one of the veneer have specific indication and advantage.  Each have different translucency, strength, and vitality.  Case selection is critical.  A highly experienced esthetic dentist will know which veneer to use for each situation.  Dr. Toubia has been doing cosmetic dentistry for over 30 ears.  He is highly educated in the field of esthetics. He is very knowledgeable and talented. He is excellent at choosing the proper and most esthetic choices. He also works closely with our excellent and talented ceramists who create exquisite restorations.

Custom Shade Taking, recording the base color of your teeth is critical in being able to block out or use color to create the new desired color.  In most cases, Dr. Toubia along with our master ceramist, collaborate closety to decide the final shade.  Photos are taken so the ceramist can see all the intricacies of each individual tooth.


This is a critical step in reaching the final design of the final esthetic restorations.  After teeth preparation in conventional cases accurate temporaries are fabricated based on the previous accepted esthetic from the mock ups, wax ups or preliminary trial temps.  There are also sometimes referred to as Trial Smile.  The temporaries are recorded and sent to our master ceramist.  During this stage care must be exercised with regard to cleaning and home care.

Final Lab Fabrication

Using the model as a guide, our expert ceramist sculpts and creates an extremely beautiful and natural looking final restorations.   It is in this stage that the artistry and the expertise of the master technician will play a significant role.  We have excellent master ceramists that create masterful restorations that transform your beauty.  Having an excellent technician is how you avoid “chicklet” (crowns or veneers that are totally white, one color and false looking).


There are various cementation techniques for each type of restoration.  The experience of the dentist is crucial in this stage.  Final shade adjustments can be done during cementation if needed.

In our office, we always do a trial cementation to get your final approval.  Surprisingly this is a step that usually not done elsewhere and produces a lot of unhappy patients.  Once ok’d by you, we go through numerous detailed steps, paying a lot of attention to details, to get excellent results with great bond strength.  This step is very technique sensitive.  Knowing which cements and bonding agents to use insures future stability and increases longevity of the restorations.

Final Adjustment

Our protocol is after the case is cemented we ask you to return in two weeks.  This is just long enough for you to adjust to the new smile.  At this state if necessary, we can do some minor final adjustments to optimize the esthetics of the final restorations.  Also, final bite evaluation is done to make sure the esthetics are harmonious with your jaw movement and your speech.

Occlusal Guards

In all cases night guards and/or retainers are recommended to preserve the alignment of the new smile and avoid excessive bite pressure.

Home Care

Oral hygiene instructions are given for your new lustrous smile.  Do’s and Don’ts are discussed in detail.  Nutritional counseling, foods to avoid, post bleaching and how to use cleaning armamentarium are among the subjects we discuss.  Long term upkeep is key to long term stability and preservation of your knockout million-dollar smile.

After our initial fact-finding visit, in cases that do not need other specialists, and are teeth born, we will complete your esthetic rejuvenation in 2 major appointments a few weeks apart.

Concierge Service

If you are from out of town with limited time or have other reasons that necessitate you to finish your case a in shorter period of time, inform our office.  We can finish cases within a week for an additional fee.

Sedation Dentistry is available should you desire it.  It will allow more to be done in comfort.

All materials used are biocompatible and we have ecofriendly standards

The importance of smiles in your everyday life and the world we live in has been talked about for years.

“Beauty is Power.  A smile is its sword” By John Ray

Every person needs that personalized elegant and beautiful smile.  A beautiful smile is the prettiest and most powerful thing you can wear. It makes a good impression invites love and happiness and curiosity.

Invest in yourself.  Allow us to design a uniquely stunning smile for you that make heads turn.

Please call us now and see what is possible.

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