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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover is a process of enhancing your smile and overall appearance by doing a range of Cosmetic and restorative procedures that will correct and improve any pre-existing imperfections of your teeth and their arrangements.  It is a beautification treatment to achieve a personalized and custom Hollywood smile.  It makes you feel and look younger and sexier.  You will feel like a celebrity!

It is called many different names such as Smile Redesign, Teeth Makeover, Rejuvenation Smile, Smile Rejuvenation, 1-Week Smile Makeover, Revitalize Your Smile, Smile Transformation, Instant Orthodontics.  The goal is the same.  To create a Million Dollar smile that turns heads.

The power of a beautiful smile cannot be underestimated.  It is extremely potent.  A knock out smile represents beauty, happiness, kindness, likeability, compassion, and invites friendships.  It makes you more attractive to you and especially to others.  It brightens your outlook.  When you have a beautiful smile, you don’t only appear to be more likable and desirable, but you appear more competent and self-confident.  In getting a job, a date, a new friend, your beautiful and handsome smile will tremendously increase your chances to be accepted.

A smile makeover can be designed in many different ways and can create many different looks.  But which one fits you the best.

smile analysis image

The experience and the expertise of the dentist is the key to the finding and sculpting that one look that is the most desirable and beautiful.  The dentist can be a great artist or operator but if they cannot translate your conceived beauty into reality, then you will not get what you want.  If you always go with preset ratios and formulas, it does not leave room for individuality and uniqueness.  There are a lot of beautiful people with beautiful smiles but each have their own “signature”.  In our office, we will work with you very closely by gathering as much information as possible and by paying attention to detail.  It is with this attitude and exact approach to each step that allows us to find your unique look and craft exceptional results that will turn heads.

An emotional evaluation and self-assessment personal wish list evaluation are the primary steps in deciding how we help you transform your smile and facial appearance.  A smile affects your self-image tremendously and has great psychological effect.  It is one of your defining characteristics that affect not only your appearance and facial esthetics, but has a significant effect on your self-worth and self-confidence.  It is an extension of your personality and it is one of your biggest assets.  An honest appraisal of your feelings with respect to your smile and appearance is crucial for us to know.  An emotional evaluation helps us understand and find out your deepest concerns.

Please complete our Emotional Questionnaire now.

Next, we dive into understanding your needs and wants.  We are very interested to know you by listening very carefully and attentively to all your concerns.  Getting to know exactly your expectations and dreams are, gives us guidance to visualize what image it is that you wish to have in your mind.

What are the imperfections and less desirable elements of your smile that bother you and that you have concerns about?  What is your understanding of how perfect you want your future smile to be? Comprehending your life style, your social and work-related environments greatly aids us to customize our treatment to your specific aspirations.

Please complete our Self-Assessment-Personal -wish list -evaluation now.

By having all the preliminary information, we develop a much better understanding of what you want.

The next step is to begin to collect dental and facial information to start designing a unique and customize treatment for your radiant and flawless future smile.   It starts with a Full facial assessment and a thorough smile analysis.

Numerous factors are considered and the level of attention to details is what sets us apart.  The more we gather information and discover how each factor is interrelated, the more it will help us design a more unique, highly esthetic and individualized treatment for you.

After the full-face assessment and smile analysis, we do a complete full mouth comprehensive examination and medical history review.  Necessary digital radiographs, intraoral photos and full facial photos, videos and models are taken for further evaluation of your somatgnathic system.  We make assessment of the health of all the gums, teeth, bite, joints, and muscles which are the foundations of your smile and jaw support.  Attention is also placed on your posture, head position and skeletal issues.  By this point most of the necessary data has been gathered.


Color of the final smile plays a big role and is extremely important.  We purposely spend a lot of time discussing the color you desire. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  We want you to be happy with your final smile color.  So, we walk you through and guide you to decide the final color based on the existing teeth condition and your desire. There are numerous ways to achieve the color that you want.  Each technique has its own benefits and drawbacks.  We make you aware of these issues before starting the final treatment so you have a realistic expectation and can make an informed decision.  Depending on the method used, with time the color may change.  You should be aware what the change could be and what you have to do to avoid the case from changing and learn how to maintain it.

Smile Design

This is the artistic step of your smile makeover.  To find out what image you have in your mind and how it matches with what we envision for your esthetics, we do mock ups.  This is the best way for you to visualize quickly what we think fits your smile and facial appearance.  It is better than a Virtual smile make over, or digital imaging.  We can show you a preliminary look of the final product with regard to shape, length, and size of the teeth in your smile zone.

With your input, we fine tune the esthetics of the mock up.  There are a lot of times that after doing the mock up patients want to involve more teeth than originally intended because they can see how the smile they imagine can be improved even more.  Our intention and vision is to show you what is possible.  Our expertise is to translate your vision into reality involving the least number of teeth with the most conservative noninvasive and most predictable techniques available.  Dr. Toubia has done thousands of mock ups for esthetic cases over his 34 years in practice as a cosmetic dentist.  He is very artistic and has a keen eye for esthetics.

Once the preliminary esthetics sculpting of mock ups are mutually decided on and approved, we record it.  This information helps us to communicate with our master ceramists.  It helps him fabricate your final restoration (i.e. veneers) based on what you have already approved.  There are no surprises. They use it as a guide to create more fine-tuned and beautiful custom fit final products that are dashingly natural.

In more complicated cases we send models to our dental laboratory and work closely with the technicians to do a wax up of how we envision your smile design should be (just like a mock up).  From the wax up, an index is made with which preliminary temporaries will be placed on your existing teeth most often without any tooth preparation.  This will again serve as a starting point for your input.  It is fine-tuned and recorded.  In some cases, we encourage you to wear the temporaries for a few days.  The trial temps will allow you to get used to them and if there are any factors that you may want to alter we can correct before the final restorations are fabricated.  This step in most cases is reversible. Trial Temps then need a reduction guide.  This is the best method to avoid over preparing of your teeth.  This translate to more preservation of the existing teeth and stronger foundation. Mock ups and wax up transfers and trial temps help us to know the end result of our final restorations.  Knowing the final contour helps us to be extremely conservative in preparing your existing teeth and planning the most noninvasive treatment.  The less we prepare, the more we save your enamel and the better and stronger our bonds (glues) will be which result in a longer lasting restoration.

In our practice, we get a lot of patients who are not happy with their esthetics or have veneers that have fallen out and want to redo their cases.  One of the most common situation we encounter is that teeth were over prepared.  Most of the time it is because neither the dentist nor the lab technician know what the exact final design of the case is before starting the tooth preparation.  No mock ups, no wax ups or trial temps were done.  So generally, to avoid color or shape issues the case is eye balled. So most often they over prepare to allow enough room to accommodate any design.  This lack of planning often causes future problems.   In our practice, no matter how simple the case may be, we always use one of the three methods. That is why Dr. Toubia’s results are predictable, long lasting, extremely conservative, non-invasive, and highly esthetic.

At this point, with all your information that we have gathered, we customize a very detailed treatment plan.  We discuss it in full with you and make sure you understand all the pro’s and con’s.  We make sure you are comfortable with the proposal.   To achieve excellence, we have chosen to go through all the above steps in a detailed manner to provide you with the smile of your dreams.  There are situations, due to time constraints, when you want your case case done in less time.  We do not skip a step but we will accommodate you.

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