Ridge Resorption

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Ridge Resorption

Also known as residual ridge resorption, is the loss of supporting tissue (alveolar process) of the teeth.  It mostly happens when the bone around the teeth is lost due to extractions or loss of teeth.  There are other situations that can cause ridge resorption.

The bone that forms the socket and supports the teeth, tends to “melt away” (resorb) quickly after tooth loss.  Once the bone level changes, the gum over it follows resulting in a change of the gum line. This will cause esthetic problems depending on the degree of bone resorption.

There are restorative, orthodontic, periodontal, and surgical procedures that are recommended to restore esthetic harmony and make the final restoration more natural looking and beautiful.  It takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience to find the correct techniques that work and are realistic.  We pride ourselves in being able to educate you fully about all alternatives and help guide you to find a proper solution that best fits your needs and wants.  In cases where there is extensive resorption (ridge loss) and surgical means are not practical, restorative solutions are a good alternative.  We have developed techniques Conservative Esthetic Gum Reconstruction (CEGR) and Conservative and Esthetic Total Mouth Reconstruction (CETMR) to artificially replace lost ridge and gums to create beauty and facial harmony.


Minimal Resorption

  1. Restorative

    • Ovating pontics
    • Pink porcelain and bridges
    • Pink composite
    • Implant crown and pink esthetic partial
    • Pink acrylic with esthetic partial dentures
  2. Periodontal by specialist
    • Soft tissue
    • Connective Tissue augmentation
    • Ridge augmentation
    • Grafting
      1. Bone Grafts
      2. Soft tissue grafting


Moderate Resorption

  • Restorative

    • Pink porcelain and bridge
    • Telescope bridge
    • Implant supported bridge
      • Fixed
      • Removable
      • Fixed removable
    • Periodontal by specialist.
      • A. Bone grafting
      • B. Soft tissue augmentation
    • Oral Surgery by specialist:
      • A. Sectional osteotomy
      • B. Maxillofacial surgery


Advanced Resorption

  • Restorative

    1. CEMTR
    2. CEGR
    3. All-on-4 restoration
    4. Conus Concept implant bridge
    5. Implant supported bridge
      • Fixed
      • Removable
      • Fixed removable
    6. Esthetic partial denture
      1. Periodontal by specialist
        • Sinus lift
        • Bone graft
        • Soft tissue augmentation
        • Implants
      2. Oral Surgery by specialist
        • All-on-4
        • Implants
        • Block grafts
        • Ridge reconstruction

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