“Gummy Smile”, High Lip Line

Beverly Hills:|| “Gummy Smile”, High Lip Line

 “Gummy Smile”, High Lip Line

This is referring to the position of the lip when one is in full spontaneous smile (Duchenne Smile).  In certain percentages of people, the lip will move so high that the teeth, gum, and a significant amount of the supporting hard tissue are exposed.  This condition could be because of a prominent upper jaw (vertical maxillary excess),  a hypermobile upper lip or a short upper lip.  People with this condition usually become very self-conscious and don’t like to smile.  It can have a severe psychological effect on the person.

There are many techniques that are used to fix a gummy smile.  The most important factors are to diagnose the source of it and also understand the patient needs and wants. To get good results there is a lot of planning involved and requires a close cooperation between different specialty doctors.  Depending on why the high lip line occurs, any one of the following specialists may need to be involved in the treatment; orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, plastic surgeon, periodontist and restorative dentist.We are a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile

Procedures such as gummy tuck®, lip lowering, Botox®, Restylin®, orthognathic Surgery, Maxillary Impaction, various orthodontic techniques, crown lengthening or a combination of them are used to achieve beauty and esthetic.  These can be life-changing procedures.

We work closely with highly qualified specialists.  We do smile analysis and full facial assessment.  We play a key role in coordinating treatment and deciding which techniques best suit the patient.  In specific cases, surgical stents or template are fabricated by us to achieve optimal esthetics.

Please call today and let us help you diagnose and guide you about what are the best treatment options for you and educate you with alternative choices.

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