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  • Gum reconstruction techniques also known as periodontal plastic surgery, gum plastic surgery, gum contouring surgery and periodontal cosmetic surgery play a big role in creating a proper gum level, restore balance between the gum tooth ratio, and enhance the overall smile.

Gum Recession

Also known as receding gum, and gingival recession are very common.  Gum recession is when the tissue surrounding the teeth pulls away exposing more of the tooth and/or its roots.  When this happens, the exposed root can become very sensitive, especially to hot, cold, sweets, acidic food, or brushing.  Additionally, the tooth will look longer and most often throws off the esthetic harmony.

There are numerous reasons why gums recede.  When it happens between the teeth, it will lead to black triangles and food getting stuck in that area after eating.

In most cases, gum recession occurs gradually so it can go unnoticed.   When recession happens, the roots are exposed.  There is no more enamel on the root.  The root is covered by cementum which is softer than enamel so it can wear much faster by just tooth brushing, eating acidic food or drinks.  As wear occurs the worn-down section of the root gets closer to the center of the root where the nerve is located.  In advanced cases, the nerve can get exposed and a root canal is necessary.  It is very important to do procedures that cover and protect the exposed root.  This will stop damage to the roots, prevents further recession and improve the esthetics.

There are different levels of gum recession with respect to its severity and source.  Many different techniques are used to address each type of gum recession and the conditions associated with it.

We have developed a technique, ECRC for situations where recession is minimal and confined, which can be handled restoratively to relieve discomfort, to prevent future breakdown and to improve esthetics.  It is a combination of non-surgical procedures where the exposed root structure is covered without cutting the tooth.  It is extremely conservative and noninvasive.  In majority of cases no numbing is necessary at all, thus no injections are needed.  It restores beauty, prevents future damage to the root, decreases sensitivity and prevents further damage to the gums from brushing.

ECRC services and procedures provided are:

  1. Restorative
    • Composite bonding and tooth colored fillings
    • Glass ionomer bonding
    • Pink composite
    • Veneering
    • Hollywood gum
    • Gingival mask
    • Night guards
    • Occlusal adjustment
    • Splinting
  2. Periodontal surgical procedures by specialist
    • Microsurgical technique (pin hole)
    • Grafting
  3. Oral surgery procedure by specialist
  4. Orthodontic procedure by specialist
    • Forced eruption
    • Removable orthodontics; Invisalign®
    • Fixed orthodontics, hidden braces, lingual braces, incognito braces.

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