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  • Bulimia + ED (Eating Disorders) Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment for Bulimia + ED (Eating Disorders)

Teeth and oral tissue affected by Bulimia Nervosa and other eating disorders can cause serious dental and oral health issues.  Millions of men and women are suffering from eating disorders.  Most of the damage to their teeth and oral tissue in bulimic patients occur during purging episodes.

In people with Bulimia, enamel is commonly worn down due to acid erosion (mainly on the inside of the upper front teeth and tops of posterior teeth).  Sensitivity to hot and cold increase and teeth start to thin out, change color and chip which effects the smile.  Patients also experience gum pain, dry mouth, a decrease in their saliva, problems swallowing and bad breath.

Dr. Toubia has extensive experience in helping bulimic patients with their dental bite and esthetic needs.  In a friendly and non-threatening environment, he approaches the patient in a very trusting manner.  He listens attentively and empathetically.  His main goal is improving the patient’s overall health and self-esteem.

For patients with esthetic issues, Dr. Toubia cannot over emphasize enough the power of a beautiful, healthy smile in boosting their positive self-image and self-esteem.  A smile-make over can be a life changing improvement.  He is very experienced in cosmetic dentistry and he has excellent lab technicians.  Together they create magnificent and natural looking smiles.

For patients with bite problems, he has developed a very conservative minimally invasive full mouth reconstruction techniques, CETMR and CEER which replace lost enamel on teeth and improve the bite and esthetics at the same time.

For patients with less severe damage to their teeth he has dental treatments , (biotmemetic dentistry, ECRC: Esthetic Conservative Root Coverage, minimally invasive dentistry) to restore the teeth in a very conservative manner requiring no tooth preparation and no anesthetic.  In all cases, he customizes his treatment plan to the needs, wants and desires of the patient, restoring their teeth, smile and bite.  To insure and improve the patient’s total health, Dr. Toubia has created caring programs that stress maintenance, education and proper referral to other professionals if needed.  These professionals in related fields play an integral role in helping the patient and hopefully cure their malady.   If patients already have their own professional Dr. Toubia fully communicate and cooperate with them.  Team work is crucial in achieving healing.

Home care kits are highly recommended. For follow up routine professional cleanings, prevention and maintenance of restorations are imperative.

Please call and make an appointment for a consult with Dr. Toubia so he can help you.

Dental Treatment for Bulimia

  1. Root coverage with Bondings (ECRC)- with either glass ionomer or composite filing
  2. Enamel replacement using biomemetic dentistry and minimally invasive dentistry
    • Composite
    • Composite inlays- cadcam or lab processed
    • Porcelain inlays and onlays- cadcam or lab processed
    • Partial or full composite veneer
      • Porcelain veneer
      • Sectional veneer
      • Prepless veneer
      • Conventional veneer
    • Types of veeners
      • Feldspathic
      • Emax
      • Layered emax
      • Layered zirconia
    • Full jacket porcelain crowns
      • Emax-Layered, monolithic
      • Zirconia-Layered, monolithic
  3. Bite Correction- partial reconstruction CEER, CEMTR
  4. Esthetic
    • Mock up technique
    • Smile makeover
    • Full wax up technique
    • Veneer- porcelain, or composite (CEER) or sandwich technique
  5. Strengthening existing tooth structure
    • Varnish
    • Fluoride treatment-home or in office
    • High content fluoride toothpaste
  6. Desensitizing
    • Varnish
    • Potassium nitrate tray
    • High fluoride toothpaste
  7. Maintenance and remineralization
    • Acid reflux kit
    • Tongue scraper
    • Chlorohexidine gluconate rinse
    • Xylitol gum and bicarbonate gum
    • pH paper
    • night guard
    • fluoride treatment
  8. Nutritional Counseling- things to avoid
    • evaluate food diet,
    • alkaline water usage,
    • educate pH scales of food and drinks.

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    “I love having white teeth and making sure my smile looks as good as it can be. When I go to see Dr. Toubia to whiten my teeth he’s very sweet and quick! Unlike other doctors who make you wait for a while, Him and his staff make it a point to get you in and out while being professional and making me feel comfortable. Most importantly I admire his honesty and the time he takes to explain minor procedures. Going to get a cleaning is a bit easier because Dr. Toubia and his hygienists create a kind hearted and hard working environment. Thank you Dr. T!”

    Ashley S • Beverly Hills CA

    “Dr. Toubia, all I have to say is thank you!!! You are truly an artist of the smile. The work Dr. Toubia has done on my teeth, after seeing a few dentists before, is not comparable. He walked me through the steps of what my procedure will be like and could not have been more straightforward and proactive. I will always feel comfortable in his hands!”

    Michelle N • Los Angeles CA

    “Dr. Toubia and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I have owned dental practices for the last 6 years in Texas and recently moved back to Los Angeles and was in desperate need for a top of the line dentist.
    Dr. Toubia was thorough in his explanation of what I needed, answered all of my questions and his work was exceptional. I felt no pain whatsoever and the process was completed in a timely fashion. Having experienced pain for over 6 months, this was such a relief.”

    Michael M • Dallas TX

    “I have been going to Dr Toubia for 20 years. I drive over an hour to get there since I moved away from Beverly Hills ten years ago.
    Dr Toubia is unquestionably the best Dentist in Beverly Hills. Everything he does is  100% with the upmost precision and done to the absolute highest standards. His work is done with longevity in mind. He is the only Dentist I have ever been to where every step of the procedure is done perfectly to the highest and strictest quality.”

    Phillpe K • Oak Park CA, Your Content Goes Here

    “The best Dentist I have ever had, and I had a very serious fear of the Dentist and he has made everything better. Not only is he at the top of his game but has a heart of GOLD!
    Go to him, he is honest and seriously the best.”

    Shoichi S • Los Angeles CA, Your Content Goes Here