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Anti Aging Dentistry

Anti Aging dentistry and rejuvenation dentistry refer to techniques and treatments designed to reverse the effects of aging, tooth wear and closed bite on your lower 1/3 of the face. They promote harmony between the relationship of facial features and teeth, with the aim to reestablish beautiful and youthful appearance in a natural way.  It will improve your smile, bite muscles and joint function, chewing and promote health, biological and psychological wellness.

Facial look and appearance is critical in self-esteem and boosting your confidence.  As they say, “a big confident smile makes you feel like a million bucks.”  It also affects the perception of age, youthfulness, and beauty.

Your smile is created by the look and arrangement of your teeth, framed by lips, chin and the mouth.  The balance and harmony in all these factors play a critical role in achieving and perceiving optimal beauty and wellness within the body mind and soul.

A lot of plastic surgery procedures are done every year to achieve these goals.  However, plastic surgery by itself cannot always address these issues in totality.  Fillers such as Restylin ®, Juvaderm® and Botox® cannot improve all the effects that occur due to a closed bite collapse.

Antiaging, rejuvenation and sometimes geriatric dentistry involve a combination of services to enhance your smile and facial appearance. They have a lot of other important benefits.  There are many techniques in the market that address these issues.  Dr. Toubia has developed a deliberate approach that is focused on your needs, wants and desires with immediate youthful results.  It is called Facial Dental Harmony Technique (FDHT).   It has taken several years for the techniques to be developed and perfected.  It encourages a great deal of patient input with close cooperation, Dr. Toubia and you. Together we develop a mutually agreed, customized treatment which fits your criteria.  It is an extremely conservative, noninvasive biologically nontoxic, biomimetic, and reversible technique.

FDHT (Facial Dental Harmony Technique) for Anti Aging Dentistry is done in 4 phases.

Click here to learn more about the FDHT phases.

We work solely with some excellent specialists and the best plastic surgeons to achieve your best facial esthetics and beauty.

We take pride in being very innovative and offer our patients alternative treatment that best fit their needs, wants and budget.  Call for a consult and find out how we can show you how to achieve beauty harmony and rejuvenation.

FDHT Technique VS Other Anti Aging Dentistry Methods

There are many techniques in the market such as Antiaging Dentistry®, Rejuvenation Dentistry®, Dental All®, Facial Aesthetic Design®, which address facial aging and closed bite issues.  Each one approaches it in a different way.  Dr. Toubia has developed his own technique. Facial Dental Harmony Technique.  It is a deliberate, multiphase antiaging dental approach that is focused on patent needs and wants.  Its advantages are its reversibility through the early phases, its noninvasive and conservative approach that is done painlessly without anesthetic, and trial a period for the you to adapt and get used to the bite and confirm final esthetics.

Benefits of FDHT Anti Aging Dentistry Method

  1. Add to fullness of the face
  2. Improve shape of the face
  3. Lengthen the face
  4. Reduce wrinkles, fold lines around the mouth and the facial 1/3 of the face
  5. Improve facial profile
  6. Balance and create full lips
  7. Sharper jaw line
  8. Changes relative chin position
  9. Transforms, improves, widens, whitens the smile
  10. Improves teeth esthetics, color, size, and shape
  11. Improves chewing efficiency
  12. Optimizes the health of facial and chewing muscles
  13. Optimize bite and jaw position
  14. Decrease muscle originated tension headache
  15. Reduces head and neck tension
  16. Minimize detrimental effects of stress related grinding and clenching
  17. Avoid or substantially reduce further bite collapse
  18. Gets rid of dark triangles and dark buccal corridor
  19. At times, creating more on space for the tongue.
  20. At times, gets rid of tinnitus (ringing of the ears)

It is very important if these conditions exist, to correct and prevent further damage.  They significantly contribute to the “old age look” and negative visual perception of facial features, muscle tone and your smile and facial esthetics.  Even a few millimeters of tooth structure replacement can make a significant difference in the bite and the supporting facial features and joint health, which will improve chewing efficiency and at times improper speech and phonetics.  But most of all restore dental and facial harmony and youthful look.

Anti Aging Dentistry has different severities, it could be as simple as bleaching the teeth or in more advanced cases a combination of following procedures:


  1. Bleaching
    • In office
    • Home bleaching
    • Internal bleach
    • Walking bleach
    • Bleach strips
    • Bleach pen
  2. Composite Bonding
    • Full
    • Partial
    • Root coverage
  3. Cosmetic contouring, tooth reshaping, buffing down enamel
  4. Onlay and Inlay
    • Composite
    • Porcelain- Emax, zirconia
    • Gold
  5. Veneer
    • Monochromatic
    • polychromatic-esthetic
    • lightly esthetic customizing, with custom staining
    • prepless veneer
    • sectional veneer
    • feldspahtic, Emax (layered) zirconia (layered) veneer
  6. Bridge
    • Telescopic
    • PFM
    • Emax
    • Zirconia
    • Maryland bridge
    • Composite bridge
  7. Implants
    • Fixed
      • Screw retained
      • Cement retained
    • Removable
      • Attachment (overdenture)
      • Bars
      • Esthetic
    • Fixed removable
    • All-on-four
    • Spark Erosion Technique
    • CONUS technique
  8. Hollywood Bridge
    • Lab processed denture teeth
    • Snap on
    • Milled
    • In office composite/Acrylic
  9. Overlay
    • Fixed
    • Removable
  10. Removable Partial- esthetic or regular
  11. Orthodontics
    • Minor
    • Advanced by specialist
  1. Maxillofacial Surgery by specialist
  2. Gingival (gum) l recontouring
    1. Pink composite
    2. Gingival Moll
    3. Gingival mask
    4. Flexible gum veneer
    5. Artificial gingival replacement
    6. Acrylic gum veneer
    7. Hollywood gums
    8. Party gums
    9. Fake gums
    10. Dreamy gums
  3. Rejuvenate perio plastic surgery (gum plastic surgery) by specialist

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