Altered Passive Eruption

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Altered Passive Eruption

There are situations where teeth erupt but gums do not recede appropriately resulting in short clinical crowns (short fat teeth). The incomplete process is referred to as Altered Passive Eruption. This also results in too much gum to show when smiling which is aesthetically unpleasant.  It ends up as a “gummy smile”.

There are different techniques to sculpt, reshape and remove excess gum.  They are very technique sensitive.  Care must be used to remove just the right amount of excess and make sure the result is aesthetic and done in such a way so the gum tissue doesn’t re grow back.  In our office by doing mock ups or laboratory wax ups, we fabricate accurate surgical stents before any gum sculpting and reshaping.  We verify the desired esthetic with you.  Once approved then we proceeded with the appropriate techniques to remove excess gum.  This is the proper and conservative way to ensure good results.

In our office, we mostly use laser to sculpt the gingiva.

Periodontal laser therapy, gum recontouring and gum lift are different names for this technique used to remove excess gum.  In most cases, anesthetic is not necessary.  Laser is safe and accurate.  It is a very conservative and a minimally invasive procedure.


  1. Laser gum surgery
  2. Electro surgery
  3. Conventional gingioplasty

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